Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hot Dogs and News!

My brother Grant had a take your kid to work day at his work. So during the day Kate decided to pop in with his "kids!" This is Oscar and Scooter. Grant had always wanted a weiner dog growing up, but Mom & Dad never let us get one. So last Christmas, Kate surprised Grant with these cute little guys! But soon they are going to have to make some room for Grant & Kate's future addition. Mid April they are due to have a BABY!! We are all so excited for them! Jada's first cousin on my side!!


Friday, October 26, 2007

Powers Gone Postal!

I asked Jada what she wanted to be this year for Halloween. I thought that surely she'd want to be a Princess (we have tons of princess dress-up stuff!) But she said she wanted to be a present for Halloween! I was amazed at her creativity. So I thought... sure, why not!

So I found a box and wrapped it up and decked it out and..... Viola! A beautiful present. Then Shane had an idea for us to dress up as Postal workers and Jada could be the package. And then I thought of the theme "Powers Gone Postal!" It was a hit at our church party! Jada won a prize for most original costume. There's just something about Halloween that always brings out the kid in me..... But to be honest, I think just about anything does!

Monday, October 22, 2007

SHAC dance & work

Today I started my ballet class at the Spring Hill Arts Center! It was a blast. My instructor Chelsea is awesome and she works us hard, which is good.... I REALLY need it!

I also recently took on a position at SHAC as their PR /marketing person. I'll be doing their marketing and press relations. SHAC is a full spectrum arts center. They have dance, music, theater productions, visual arts, etc. I'm thrilled to get involved with this to help it grow and expand. And I feel it will be a great blessing to our family to be involved with the community and to share our love for the arts! Jada starts her ballet class tomorrow, and she and I both can't wait!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sunday Drive up Nachez Trace

Conference weekend we decided to get out of the house and go for a drive. We drove up to Nachez Trace, which is a national park. It's beautiful! Not quite the the Utah Canyons, but definitely has it's own appeal.

We stopped for a little bit to walk around, and we saw this beautiful bike and a whole crowd of bikers gathered around. We walked up closer and asked if we could take a picture! The owner said that he was recently on a TV show where they custom build bikes. Pretty crazy, eh?

Country Ham Fest

Every Year our little town puts on a Ham Fest. Live music, tons of games for the kids, lots of food, and friends, and fun.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Random Jada Pics

This post is for all you Jada fans out there! These are some random pictures that were taken this year.

Jada helped me pick out the flowers and plant them this Spring. She was so proud!

At least one thing in this picture will stay beautiful all year round. (And it's definitely not the flowers!)

We swam so much this summer. Jada was like a little fish, she just couldn't get enough of it.

Shane took this picture one day after church on his cell phone. Gotta love technology.

Jada's Easter Picture.

One night I was out on the porch enjoying the fresh air and chatting on the phone. Jada came out and joined me. She went back inside and got a blanket, then went in again, and got a pillow. And as I was chatting, she just lied down and went to sleep in her little bed she made. Precious!

Here's another one of her passed out, asleep on the floor! You'd think she didn't have a bed.

Daddy and Daughter dancing.
I hope she inherits Shane's talent for dancing! Actually, believe it or not, one of her favorite shows is Dancing with the Stars.

Jada on the houseboat at Lake Powell with one of her favorite people. Nanny!

She developed a close bond with her cousin Kyle at Lake Powell. He was so sweet to her.

Man, she's starting to look so grown up!

This is a picture from our D.C. trip. I forgot to bring her stroller so I wheeled her around on this crazy contraption! I bought this chair that straps onto your carry-on bag. I'm such a sucker for new baby/kid contraptions! But it sure proved to be handy wheeling through the airport, and then through D.C. We got a lot of people asking us where we got this thing.

Shane's Birthday Part 2

Shane thought his birthday was long over, but was it....?
Heck no! I had one more surprise in store. This is a picture of us on our way to Shane's surprise date.
He had no idea up until we got there. I got some tickets to a Creedence Clearwater concert! They played at the Wild Horse Saloon, which is a local hot spot for new and upcoming bands, and occasionally they have big names. This venue is actually a restaurant with a stage in the center. So it's pretty cool, you can order dinner while you watch! If you come visit us in Nashville, this is one place we'll take you! Next month Styx is coming so you better hurry and get out here.

I was amazed at how awesome they sounded! How long have they been around? It was inspiring. I hope I'm still living it up and rocking out at that age! Gotta love the classics!! Here's a clip of CCR from the concert. I almost got kicked out for video taping! Hope the internet police don't come get me.