Sunday, December 30, 2007

Road Trip to Arizona

Shane’s parents recently purchased a retirement home in Arizona, and asked us if we wanted to drive their car out for them (and it happens to be a fun sports car!). And we said, “Heck yea!” They met us half-way (from Louisville) and traded us Jada for their car and they flew with Jada out to Arizona. So, we’ll be on the road for 3 days, then we’ll meet Shane’s family in Arizona. Here are some of the places we drove through:

Memphis - known for their jazz and blues!

TexArkana – Otherwise known as hillbilly city! Although, I guess we can’t talk much coming from hick-town…..

Arkedelphia – So, what do you get when you cross Arkansas with Philadelphia?? This road sign might give you a clue… :)

Our first day, we drove 11 hours and stayed in Dallas, TX. The next morning, we decided to go to the heart of Dallas to hang out for a little bit. But, we found that the streets were nearly empty! Maybe it was because it was a Saturday and the weekend before Christmas, but still, it was so weird! It was like a ghost town. But we had fun goofing off anyway.

The next day we drove 9 hours, which was all through the great state of Texas. Here's some pics of some windmills and cotton fields we drove past.

That night we stayed in El Paso, and we were surprised at how COLD it was! We went out for some Tex Mex. I think they say in Texas "de-lici-oso!"

We drove 7 hours into Arizona the last day, and we didn't get any other pictures that day, except for one of me trying to get over the fence at the Mexican border. But sadly it was confiscated by the Mexican Police... :) Just a joke!

We had a fun little road trip together!

Arizona Christmas

Here's a picture of us at the Mesa Arizona LDS temple grounds. We had a great Christmas with Shane's family. I'm putting a slide-show of pictures of our Christmas soon.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Balance Boards

Last summer we went out to Lake Powell with Shane's family and stayed on a house-boat for about a week. We had so much fun wake-boarding, when I came home, I looked online to see if I could find something to help improve balance and such (since we don't have the luxury of being able to hit the lake out here in Tennessee!) So I found these boards online, called Indo Boards.

They were a little too pricey for me, but I found a template online on how to make one, and decided to try it out! We decided to make one for Scott and Tara for Christmas. It's basically just plywood with wood stops glued at the ends, vinyl lettering, lacquer, strips of grip tape on the bottom of the board, and 4 or 6" pipe. Kevin (Shane's sister's husband) has amazing equipment and expertise, and helped us figure this out and make it look good. All of the edges on the board and pipe were so nice and rounded and smooth! He even helped us figure out how to get the bar codes and lettering off of the pipes (full strength acetone!) And it was a fraction of the cost of the Indo Boards.

Here's Dallin (Scott and Tara's Son) showing off his skills!

It was a hit and everyone wanted one, so Kevin and Shane went to Home Depot and got materials to make 4 more boards so everyone could have one!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Off Roading!

The desert may not be very pretty, but it sure is FUN! Keri and Kevin sure have some fun toys. We took this out just about every day up some canyon or dirt tracks just about every day. It was a blast!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stinker Pot!

One day, while driving to church, Shane and I made up this “time-out” song!! Here’s Jada singing it (turn up your volume) :

Here are the words in case you couldn’t tell what they were:

I’m a little stinker-pot
Short and Stout
Here is my Attitude
Here is my Pout

When I get all Steamed up
Hear me SHOUT!
Just take me over
For a quick time-out!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Udy Sisters

Shane's Mom and her sisters used to have a musical singing group! They were pretty awesome and on their way to stardom. This is a documentary of their group, filmed by Shane's cousin, Brandon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Baby Gap

A few months ago, I saw an advertisement for a Baby Gap photo contest. So, I took some pictures of Jada, but I forgot to submit them! So, I decided to just post them online! Isn’t she a cutie? We think so, but I guess we’re just a little biased!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Jada Dancing

Jada's been taking a dance class for the past few months and sure loves it! She is always dancing whenever she gets the chance. Sometimes she pulls me over to the piano to play for her just so she has some music to dance to!