Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Tri Pics





Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our First Triathlon

Today Shane and I just finished our first triathlon, and it all went pretty darn good. This is a picture of me running the last 1/2 mile of the race to the finish line (I'm the one in back).

Here's a new pic! I didn't realize that Shane also caught me on his phone coming in on my bike.

We've been looking forward to and training for this since about May. Shane's done really great with his training.... me not so much but for good reasons! My training these last 8 weeks have been pretty hit and miss... but I'll tell you what. I'm really glad that I've had this little race to motivate me to at least exercise a little through this first trimester. It's been a really rough with the morning sickness! I really don't think that without this to look forward to, and without Shane's encouragement, I would not have even got up and gone for a walk probably! There have been many times I haven't wanted to exercise these last 2 months, but I've always been glad when I just do. I have found that it makes me feel so much better.

So, as for the race, Shane rocked!! He finished at a time of 1:37. Me.. a much slower and steadier 2:23! I just kept chuggin along.. one arm, pedal, or foot in front of the other! But I'm really glad I decided to do this race. It really was fun and glad I finished!

Okay, a few interesting things that happened that made it a little more eventful! My strap to my goggles broke about 30 seconds after I started swimming. My goggles were getting some water in them, so I quickly tried to tighten it, and it snapped! So instead of the american crawl I ended up doing the side stroke, the back stroke, and modified breast stroke to keep my face out of the water. At first I tried just swimming with my eyes closed, but it was too unnerving not knowing where I was. But fortunatly the swimming portion was the quickest part of the race and the humiation didn't last too long!! :D

Next, the biking. I did train some on the bike, but not nearly as much as Shane did. And it pretty tough for me. It was extreme rolling hills the first 14 miles. The last 2 1/2 were flat but a really bumpy road. My training was either pretty flat, or on my bike trainer in our home gym. So, it was pretty tough. I probably got passed by at least 100 bikers! Oh, but I have to say... the racers and spectators were so nice! So many people said, "Keep going, you're doing great!!" And I love it, because they have no idea if you are really doing great... but I realized that "great" is just being there and participating and to just keep going. I needed those kind words and encouragements so many times!! They really boosted me up during the race and got me though. I loved it!! I have to say, I'm most proud of finishing the bike portion... it was definitely the hardest part for me.

The running was much better, fortunately. The first mile my legs felt like pure JELLO!! They felt so weird after you get off a long bike ride and then try to run. It's kind of like trying to run after your legs have fallen asleep. It's so weird and very hard! But after the first mile, my legs finally felt good and I kept a good pace and even passed a few people! (only a few though! :D)

But this is something we'll definitely do again. Hopefully we'll get some more pictures up later. Shane got done before me, so he grabbed the camera and found me at the end. So that's it for pics for now. But camera crews took pics along the course and we'll probably get them in a few weeks. I still haven't put up my 1/2 marathon pics! Guess I need to do that too.

And tremendous thanks to my friend Becky who watched Jada for us overnight last night and 1/2 the day today! You rock! Thanks for your help. Okay, I'm out, time for a nap!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can you believe it?

Can you believe, I'm actually posting something on here? Goodness, I've been meaning to forever! I'll be amazed if anyone still checks my blog by now! 

But thanks for the congrats Devri!! You are such a super sweet friend. Yes, we are pregnant. I'm about 11 weeks now. Morning sickness is kickin my rear right now, but hopefully in a few more weeks it will all be over!  But yea, being on the computer makes me nauseous for some reason?? Not sure why! 

I have an ultrasound pic and a cute drawing that Jada made of mama holding the new baby that I need to post! She's so excited... and hoping for a sister. Shane's hoping for a boy of course! Me... I'm just glad there's no chance of both of them getting their wish! (Only one baby in there :)

But love to you all, sorry I haven't checked your blogs! I'll be more with it soon!