Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Angel is Here!

Chloe Reese Powers
Born February 16th, 2009 4:05 am
7 lbs 4 oz 19.5 inches long

We've been waiting and preparing so long it seems, and now it feels so surreal that she's actually here! I just can't stop staring at her... I can't believe she's really here.

She's perfect and healthy and we were able to come home today. Labor and delivery went fantastic. I had her ala natural... and I aint gonna lie... it was tough! But I feel so blessed. I could not have done it without my amazing husband and dear friend Becky. I can't even believe how amazing they were.

I had stronger but not terrible contractions all day Sunday, and Becky spent the day with me and kept me entertained in-between contractions and timed me when I was having contractions. She took me for a walk, made me snacks and kept me hydrated and kept telling me how great my focus and breathing were though the contractions. Shane kept me entertained with "Chuck" reruns, listening to Jason Mraz and just goofing off and telling funny stories. Sometimes they were so funny I even half laughed through some of my contractions! He rubbed my back during contractions which felt soooooo good and was so comforting. They both really made the whole thing so amazingly enjoyable!

I was originally thinking about hiring a doula... but I'm really glad that I didn't. I think it probably would have been more serious... more down to business dealing with labor contractions with some person I didn't know. It was so nice just hanging out at home and laughing and doing normal things in between contractions. Beck and Shane were both so fun to be with. The distraction was really nice.

My contractions got stronger, and more uncomfortable, and about 2 minutes apart when we started heading for the hospital. It was about 1 am. The whole protocol of getting into the hospital, even when you are preregistered really is crazy when you are in labor. You have to sign papers, answer a whole bunch of annoying questions.... get hooked up to all sorts of crazy contraptions... it really is crazy trying to do all that while having contractions every 2 minutes!

I was about a 7 when I checked in... and they broke my water. Shorty after the contractions got intense and quickly put me into transition. At that point I pretty much just zoned out in order to deal with the pain... but Shane and Beck were so amazing at helping me get through it. The whole labor process was actually very tolerable and even enjoyable up until this point.... and I felt very blessed it had gone so well. And even though transition was by far the worst, I knew it would just be for a very short time, and be a very short part of the whole process, and then the baby would soon be here.

Shane and Becky were so incredible when I got to that point. Becky just kept telling how great I was doing and would watch the monitor and tell me when a contraction was going back down which helped immensely!! It felt good to move my hips and legs to help ease out the tension, so Shane kinda slow danced with me and let me hold onto him and he just rubbed my back while I worked through the transition contractions. It was so comforting to have him there for me and support me like that. There was a midwife there that also stepped in and applied counter pressure to my back which was really helpful.

I've decided that the reason why you have such strong contractions at the end is because it really makes you want to get that baby out in order to alleviate the pain, which gives you the strong instinct to push! I pushed for maybe 10 minutes, and what a sweet wave of joy and relief when she was finally here!!

I feel really great, I would do it naturally again for sure. It really wasn't bad until the very end... and I feel so much better than I did after having Jada. I feel a world of difference in my energy and ability to heal and recover. I made a gift basket to take with me to the hospital full of goodies for Shane and Beck and the nurses... to say THANKS!!! I knew I wouldn't be able to do this alone. Shane, you are an amazing husband and friend, I don't know what I would ever do without you. I love you more and more with each new experience we go through together... which is crazy because I had no idea that I could love you even more. I love our little family!

Beck, you are such an incredibly amazing friend.. I am constantly humbled how much you've been there for me and helped me and I am so glad you could be there for one of the most important events in my life. I love you dearly!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update #3 - 41 weeks GARGANTUAN

Yep... this is really update number 3 and yep I'm still pregnant! And I think I've changed my mind... I think this baby is NEVER going to come out! ha ha... okay I guess she's got to one way or another... right?! But this week sure has felt long. Although I have to say... I had been keeping myself super busy with projects and things I needed to get done up until my due date, so it was actually really nice having some down time this week with not too much to do, or not much planned... I think I really needed it!

Anyway, I've had contractions all week long, but they have been really light. Today they are finally feeling pretty painful and strong... so hopefully that is a good sign! Becky is over here and we went walking and timing my contractions. They are still kind of sporadic coming between 5-7 minutes ... but I am ecstatic that they are finally painful.. as weird as that may be! I may not be saying that in a few hours though if they get any stronger... :)

I REALLY hope there won't be an update #4!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Update #2

So today is my due date. And the little stinker isn't here yet. I've been having mild contractions for about 2 days now... but still nothing exciting! I guess I need to try eating spicy foods and do some jumping jacks! As much as I want this little girl here, I am really soaking in these last few days of being pregnant. With the consistent contractions we sure thought she'd be here by now. But, I'll tell you what, it's been so nice to just have some really relaxing and quality time to spend with Shane and Jada. I am so grateful, because having these contractions have made me slow down, not make any plans, not worry about cleaning, cooking, or scrubbing. This weekend has been absolutely amazing! The weather has been near 70 degrees all weekend, and we've had no plans but to just be together and wait for this little baby to come. I've had so much fun spending quality time with my sweeties. I'm sure life is going to be a little bit busy once the baby comes, so I am very grateful that we had this time to spend some time for the last time... with just us three.

So, stay tuned guys... she can't stay in here forever!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


So, I'm still having regular contractions. They are about 7-8 minutes apart, and strong, but not super strong yet. By some miracle, I was able to sleep 5 hours last night though the contractions. Thanks so much for all of your prayers!!! I had a really long early labor with Jada, and it really wore me out by the time I got to the real thing. I'm so grateful I got some sleep without waking up constantly! It's a beautiful day today, so we are going to go to the park and Shane's going to fly some planes, and Jada and I are going to do some more walking! Hopefully we'll be having a baby sometime today... we'll keep you posted.

Friday, February 6, 2009

40 weeks Enormous!!

So I truly meant to post a pic in-between. Things around here have been a little crazy! Shane's been out of town off and on over the last four weeks. He's been in Dallas, Lexington, Chicago, and Vegas. And I was super sick for about two weeks straight. It truly was not fun times! But he's back now, and we're all over the flu and.... guess what! I'm even having some contractions! I've been having them half of the day today consistently. My good friend Becky went walking with me this morning to help get things jump started. And later this evening Jada, Shane and I went to the mall and had dinner, walked, did a little bit of shopping, ate smoothies and cookies... oh did we have fun. All the while I've had some good contractions. Jada's at the neighbors for the night, and Becky (my super amazing friend who is going to help me) is on alert for the night... so I'm hoping and praying that these contractions keep a going and get stronger..... so maybe by tonight or tomorrow we'll have some exciting news!! Keep me in your prayers ya'll!

(I put up a new pic without my hand on my belly so you can get the full effect of how ginormous my belly is! I wish I could do this in 3D... you really have to see me in person to get the full effect!)