Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yea... yea....

I know. I haven't updated my blog in forever. I have so many cute pictures of the girls to put up.. I've just been lacking in sleep, motivation, energy.. ya know.. it's the new mom thang. Oh well. But despite things just not really getting done and piling up, life is good and we're looking forward to summer! Chloe is amazing. So full of smiles and starting to giggle. I can't believe she's already 3 months old already. She's a sweet heart and Jada just loves her to death. She is the best big sister. We are very surprised that she hasn't seemed the least bit jealous of Chloe. She's so proud of her and proud to be her big sister. It's so sweet. Jada is very expressive, and never shy to voice her feelings, which I think is very helpful because I think sometimes kids act out to get attention. Jada will just say that she needs some attention. And it's great.

When Chloe was newborn I was laying on my bed breastfeeding and I turned on the TV. It happened to be on discovery heath.. one of those "taking home baby" kinds of shows. And I was planning to turn the channel, but Jada said, "wait.. let's watch this." And I said.. "uh... are you sure?" So we watched this little family as they brought home their new baby and how it affected their lives. She noticed Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa.. all doing so much work just to take care of the baby. And in her cute 4 year old voice she said, "Babies take a lot of care." And I said, "Yes, it's a lot of work to take care of a baby." She's so helpful, always asking to help not just in taking care of the baby, but asking to help prepare food and clean.. she is so amazing. I feel so lucky to have two amazingly sweet little girls.

Well, hopefully I'll have some more time to keep this updated this summer. I can't believe that the school year is almost over this week! Jada, Cami, Jasea and I have all been having such a fun year. We've been doing some "informal" preschool things and activities which really has been a blast. I've loved every minute of it! And they all love each other dearly, just like sister.. actually that's usually what they call each other. It's so cute seeing them grow and bond and learn to interact with each other. They've also learned so much... it scares me a little because I just want them to stay little! But they have this love and thirst for learning that makes it so much fun to put together activities for them to do.

I also recently started another blog. Shane has been had major back pain off and on for years. And this last year has been particularly bad. He's been going to a chiropractor about 4 times a week since October and does about 1 hour worth of exercises each day to try to get it better. It's helping, but he's still in a lot of pain every day. His chiropractor says that his muscles are really inflammed for some reason. So he's going on this "anti-inflammatory" diet that Dr. Asa (who is a doctor here in Nashville) developed. It's really interesting. A lot of it is just common sense nutrition, just eating very healthy, and avoiding toxins including pesticides, preservatives.. etc. and sticking to more whole foods. There are some foods that he needs to avoid during the "detox" phase which include cow dairy, grains, beans, and soy. But after he can add them back in.. but still eating whole and natural foods.

So, I decided to create a blog to document this.. for the fun of it.. and also to help us to remember some of the dishes we create. We are all pretty much doing this diet, it's really quite doable. Jada even loves all of the meals that we are eating. So, we're hoping that this will be a step forward in being healthier as a family and also hopefully will help get Shane on track nutritionally to help get his back better.

If you'd like to see what we are eating.. here's the link to the health blog!