Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Miss Donna

This is a shout out for my wonderful neighbor, Miss Donna. We've known her for the past 6 1/2 years, she lives right across the street from us. She has been just like a Grandma to Jada and Chloe. After I had Chloe, Miss Donna filled in with preschool for me. Jada and Cami and Jasea went to her day school in the mornings where they learned science, art, pledge of allegience, cooking... so many fun things! Now that school is over, she's looking for work for the summer and already has so many fun activities and projects planned. She does babysitting and will also be doing some really fun summer classes for kids. She is extremely experienced and so loving! We love her dearly. Here's her information:

Experienced teacher offering Babysitting full time, part time, and hourly!

I have 15 years teaching experience Pre-K –thru 2nd grade in a private Christian school as well as a preschool in my home. I also have grandma experience! We always have lots of fun activities including exploration, movement, science, one on one, art and recess. I will have no more than 5 children at a time in my home & current references are available upon request. Please call Donna at 615-302-4021.


In my home

  • Full time - (7:30 AM – 4:30PM) Monday through Friday. $165.00 a week per child. Includes breakfast, lunch, & two snacks
  • Part Time - (7:30 AM – 4:30PM) $40.00 per full day or $25.00 for half day. Includes breakfast, lunch, & two snacks full day; a meal & a snack half day.
  • Hourly - $7.00 per hour

In your home

  • Hourly (including evening & weekends) – $10.00 per hour for up to 3 children (same family). I offer an introductory hourly rate of $8.00.
  • Weekend getaway - Friday evening (after 5 PM) thru Sunday at noon for 200.00.
Special Summer Classes $60.00 per week
Contact: Miss Donna 302-4021

Ages: 3 years old to 5 years old 6 years old to 8 years old
9:30-11:30 M-F 1:30-3:00 M-F

July 6th-10th-Cooking with kids

July 13th-17th-Down by the sea (water works included)

July 20th-24th-Bullfrogs and Butterflies

July 27th-31st-Let's scrapbook together

Here are some pictures of our class

Fun is a renewable resource!