Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hey everyone. I've been asked to do a organizing class for the Spring Hill Ward's Super Saturday. When it comes to being organized, I know the things that I struggle with the most. But I have no idea what other people struggle the most with. Your thoughts and feedback would help me tremendously!

Which room of your house is hardest to keep organized?
1 - Kitchen
2 - Kids Rooms / Closets
3 - Play Room
4 - Office
5 - Garage
6 - Your room / Closet
7 - Bathrooms
8 - Paper piles.. and other random clutter around the house
8 - All the Above
9 - None of the above... I'm so amazingly organized
10 - Other

And if you were going to go to an organizing class.. what would you like to learn?

Any feedback, stories, or ideas would be AWESOME! Thanks!