Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Famous Facial Hair

I have to post this, because it is just hilarious. One day my brother (Tom's) friend was surfing the web looking for some style ideas for a goatee. He googled "goatee styles" and one of the first links he clicked on was from menshair.about.com. It was an article with pictures about facial hair and finding the right style for your face shape. And was surprised at one of the pictures in that article. Funny enough it was a picture of his friend, (my brother.) So he called him up and asked him about it. My brother was shocked because he had no idea how his picture got to be part of this article. He did some thinking, and eventually figured it out. He is a film major at the University of Utah, and he had to do some head shots for his portfolio. So apparently after taking his picture the photographer asked him if it was okay if she uploaded one or two of his pictures up onto istock photo. And I guess the author of the article must have purchased and download his photo from istock.

If you google "goatee styles" his picture is the third link in that "men's hair" article. If you go to google images and type "goatee" or "goatee styles" his picture comes up as number one or number 2.

His facial hair is right up there with the popular facial hair styles of Orlando Bloom, Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Johnny Depp... ha ha... I think it's awesome.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She's a butterfly

Jada's been doing gymnastics & ballet for about 3 1/2 months. She's taken to it like a fish in water. She absolutely loves it! Here are some clips of some of the things she's learned to do so far. I love watching her try to do something over and over and over... and then when she finally does it for the first time... it's just priceless!!

Way to go Jada!